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But super gourmet

The food of the tourists in Mallín Colorado is not mere food. We offer an exquisite, homemade, tasty food, lovingly prepared in a wood-burning stove, with fresh ingredients from our own greenhouse by Don Victor, Nowajenski, the country-man. The kitchen is full of machines for making bread, making pasta, beating, kneading, chopping, cutting. The desserts are a delight, in addition to creams and sauces, we make cakes, ice cream, pancakes, all made there. The place was designed by María Soledad Arteaga, the owner of the lodge. It is a spacious and very nice kitchen, made completely to your taste.
Since always in our house the food was a theme. We all know how to cook rich, tasty, and we have recipe books, all kinds of machines .... we handle. Obviously it is due to only one thing: we have a full gastronomic mom, who has always turned between her machines, plugs, jars, pieces of the most diverse utilities to do exquisite things, with flavors and textures that we have never been able to find elsewhere. And the kids were always close to her, so in the kitchen. Until today he invites his grandchildren to put their hands in the dough.
This style is what we share in the lodge. Breakfast with warm kneaded bread, butter cookies, homemade jams, scrambled eggs instantly and an energetic orange juice with freshly squeezed carrots. The lunches are super homemade, a forceful entrance and a plate of background as for our Patrias Patrias, casserole, cake of corn, even empanadas sometimes. A rich dessert and machine coffee. At the end of the day, after the excursions, of a good whirlpool bath, the club house becomes a party hall. Pisco sour on the edge of the fireplace, a hot soup in clay pots, a meaty background with rich accompaniments, or a hard-boiled homemade lasagna, salmon or lamb with field chips. Sauces are the protagonists. End the day with a dessert, always exquisite and different. Fourteen are the different menus that we offer, each day a different, tasty and forceful.
Every year Don Víctor prepares the soil and replants the greenhouse. At the beginning, green leaflets that are coming out are weak. There are lettuces, coriander, basil, spinach, etc. As early as February they start to color the first tomatoes, they grow huge Italian zucchini, cucumbers, paprika. The salads on the table are very fresh, what better than to eat vegetables that an hour ago were still in the woods !!!
When you are on holiday in the middle of nowhere, a good bed with down, rich sheets, good view, rustic atmosphere and good bathrooms are indispensable. If in addition, at lunchtime we know that the surprise is good, the table is well set and the excursions and scenery are top quality, the holidays can not be better.

For those who enjoy cooking, those who like to put on their apron and try and learn everything, we offer a Culinary Tour, where every day combines tourism perfectly with the gastronomy, learning to distinguish local products, bread recipes kneading, seeing how the greenhouse is harvested and tended to prepare a roast of lamb on the pole. The tour is designed so that those who like the good table, enjoy in our Patagonian cuisine and learn something of what we do.