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Pets politics in Mallin Colorado Ecolodge

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We know that pets are part of the family and its presence should be compatibe with its vacations.  In Mallin Colorado, your pet is welcome, but for the good atmosphere with those who do not have pets, we do establish the following politics: 

We accept pets in the lodge up to 10 kgs weight indicating it, at the moment of reservation, to make sure there is availability for pets. To bring a pet costs 10 dollars per day.  

We ask pet owners to respect the other guests in the lodge, following these rules: 

Pets can not enter the club house in the lodge.

Pets should sleep in their own beds, brought by its owner. Pets are not allowed to sleep in the beds of the lodge. 

You cannot go out of the lodge leaving your pet alone in the room, but if you do it, leave it inside its box/bed or house and give advise in Reception. 

Be aware that your pet do not sit in beds, sofas and bergeres in the cabins or rooms. 

Do not use towels of the hotel to dry your pet. Bring your elements to clean your pet during your stay in Mallin Colorado. 

Pet owners are responsible to clean dog poop wherever in the lodge. 

Your pet should have all medical certifications indicating up to date vaccinations. We reccomend to have the corresponding insurance.

The pet owner is responsible for damage and dirt occured further than normal. The lodge could apply extra charges because of bad behaviour or extra dirt in rooms and cabins because of pets.


A well educated pet is a very good travel mate, but you will have to take into consideration, that your pet will be in a different and totally new environment and the animal can react in any unexpected way.

Don´t forget to bring 

Towel or cover of the animal to sleep. Its own smell will keep it quiet. 

Food and water recipients. It is very probable that in our area there won´t be available the food it likes. 

A bag for poops

Pets documentation

Bring its own collar

If your pet is used to sit in a bed or sofa, bring a big blanket to protect the furniture from pets hairs and dirt.