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More than 20 years ago the Christensen Arteaga family, on their journey along the Carretera Austral, decided to purchase a property in the most beautiful place of the trip, on the shores of Lake General Carrera and very close to the Northern Ice Fields. At first we offered lodging in cabins built by Eduardo, one of the children and homemade food made by the owner, María Soledad Arteaga. Over time we expanded our offer, created all-inclusive programs, involved local boat services, fishing guides, horseback riding, hiking guides and all the adventure tourism offer in Aysen.
Today we follow the seven brothers very involved and there are always some of the family welcoming visitors to Mallin Colorado. As we are fed up and all professionals, each one has its charge a different area in the development of the lodge. Be it sustainable, finance, sales and marketing, gardens, artistic deployment, human resources, etc. All in all we make of Mallin Colorado a family business, modern, sustainable that enhances the beauty of nature and its resources.

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