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Much more than a Hotel Reception

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The essence of privacy is to be in a placewhere you can have an amazing view, wide and clear, but nobody can see you. Undoubtedly, in this place there should be a warm atmosphere and beautiful nature, where you can relax, read and talk with others.

Mallin Colorado Ecolodge is the perfect place for that. Cabins are spread in a wide place, a warm atmosphere and a certain construction that nobody can find you, nobody see where you are. Log walls inside and outside cabins, wide open bow windows, the central fireplace, all that reaches a unique sensation to live a privacy and silence experience with family and friends. 

The club house is the place where you will meet other guests and have the opportunity to interact with them. This is the house where all guests have breakfast, dinner or simply enter to get connected, since we do have wi fi free for all here. This is the place where we receive all tourists, ariving exhausted from a long trip, and where we explain them where they are, what can they do in the area, and give them any solution they need for their trip.   Here is where we welcome you and we hope you feel at home from the first moment.

The club house is the main house of Mallin Colorado, it has a simple space, warm and well furnished around a big stone chimney. With its small glass windoew around, you can appreciate the native park outside with the calipso color of the lake.Two big dinning tables and several small table for couples are distributed in two areas where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the club house.  

The kitchen is a separate subject. designed by the owner and built for her, completely in lenga wood, with a big fire stove in the middle, it is the perfect place to cook home made bread and to welcome our tourists. It is also where the staff eats and gatheres every day, where they actually live.  There is no doubt that this kitchen is the soul of Mallin Colorado.

Outside the club house there is a small wild garden, where upins and other flowers pop up in blueish colors during spring, making a wonderful blue, lila, rose and white garden around the terrace. 

We prepare fine served dinners in the club house, but also from time to time, we invite everybody to have lunch in the terrace with nice served buffet tables, under the blue sky with amazing view to lake General Carrera. A garden breakfast or lunch in the terrace is a unique event that can take your breath away. experience the sensation of pure and fresh air, with the morning light and warm sunny rays in Patagonia having breakfast in the terrace of Mallin Colorado. 

It is in the club house as well, where guests and owners and staff of the lodge gather around the fireplace.

We invite you to make your reservations and jin us in this remote and amazing living in Patagonia.  

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