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Three amazing adventures in Aysen

  • Glaciar San rafael

The variety of landscapes your can find driving southern of Balmaceda airport, along Carretera Austral, in Chilean Patagonia, is one of the surprises you will find during your stay in Aysen. It is a 300 kilometres trip, but takes about 6 hours. Your will see valleys and rivers, wild forests and mountains rocks. Later you will drive along a thinner unpaved road, surrounded by wild lupins in springtime (Nov/Dec) arriving to lake General Carrera, a huge mass of calypso-coloured water, the second biggest lake in Southamerica, after Titicaca. Further south, the outflow of this huge lake gives birth to the most powerful river in Chile, the threatened river Baker, which with the same calypso-coloured waters flows among rocks and mountains to the Pacific Ocean. During the whole trip, far behind, the huge Northern Ice Fields make the white colour be part of the most beautiful landscape in Patagonia.

Our ecolodge Mallin Colorado is located in middle of this stunning landscape, the less visited area in Chile, but the most surprising. Where we are located, couple of kilometres after the outflow of lake General Carrera, on the southern corner of the lake, we are pretty close to visit the marble caves, Exploradores glacier, even San Rafael glacier, each in one day.

  • Catedral de marmol
  • Glaciar Exploradores

These unique experiences is what we want to show you in our blog. When there is your time to visit Aysen Region in Chile, do not forget to ask us in Mallin Colorado to visit these places. We coordinate all of them from the lodge for you.

Kayak on the marble caverns

You can visit regularly the famous marble caverns on lake
General Carrera. But there is another way to do it, much more adventorous, that is with a rented kayak, paddling by yourself and getting a much more personal experience inside the caves. It is the perfect way for a deeper connection with nature.

  • Kayak en el mármol

San Rafael glacier from lake General Carrera

This is the new way offered on lake General Carrera to visit the famous glacier San Rafael in a whole day at a much cheaper cost and from Mallin Colorado. It is a new road that goes to Bahía Exploradores, gets to the fiords.
It is an edventorous way to go, crossing bridges, taking boats, walking over the glaciers, etc. a real adventure in touch with virgin nature in Aysen Ice fields are very close to be seen, from a small boat, you can walk over them, have a whisky, but in a small group and a small ship. A real luxury and a unique experience in the most famous Chilean glacier. It can be organized during your stay from Mallin Colorado, leaving at 7 in the morning and arriving back in the lodge for a warm meal before going to sleep in your warm cabin.

  • Glaciar Exploradores

Walking over glacier Exploradores

A unique experience in Aysen is to walk over glacier Exploradores. This is the northest glacier in the Southern Hemisphere, so you can appreciate at its best the global warming here. Its huge tongue coming from San Valentin peak is growing and melting very quickly. You will not see ice walls falling down to a lagoon, this is San Rafael glacier, but you will see a huge tongue of ice over stones, rocks, in a huge valley. That is why you can walk over that ice tongue and get in close touch with the white ice of the icefields. Thousands of ice caves make the walk a stunning experience. From Mallin Colorado Ecolodge, the adventure lasts one whole day.

To do any of these excursions, or all of them, you can take one of our programs in Mallin Colorado, or just rent a cabin, since we are located one hour away from the marble cavers and two hours from Exploradores glacier. There is nothing better in Patagonia, after a big and impressive day of outdoor activities, than a gourmet dinner close to the chimney and sleeping in your warm cabin.