Today we bring you these 10 amazing tours and activities that you can do on your adventure trip to the Carretera Austral, in the beautiful Patagonia of Chile.

1. Discover the Marble Caves in Kayak

These caves, also known under the name of Marble Cathedral, are located on General Carrera Lake, near Puerto Tranquilo. Its isolated location, its blue shapes and colors and its enigmatic origin make it a unique place in the world. Entering the kayaking caves and feeling the movement of the water with an echo in the midst of silence is a unique experience.

We know that the Marble Caves are one of the biggest attractions of the Aysen region in Chilean Patagonia, as each visit is as if it were the first time. Ready to discover them? Learn about our 2 night program.

2. Walk inside the mystical lenga forest on the paths of Mallín Colorado

Lenga trees are thin and tall, and we have developed amazing trails to walk in four or six hours inside the property. Absolutely private, with breathtaking views over Lake General Carrera, Lake Bertrand and Lake Plomo, these walks are smooth and not very high, relaxing and uncoupling like anything else in the world. Before leaving, you can order a good lunch at the hostel.

3. Rafting the bold waters of the Baker River

The Baker River is the most powerful river in Chile, begins in Puerto Bertrand and transports the waters of General Carrera Lake, the second largest lake in South America. However, this rafting excursion is absolutely pleasant and quiet, about 8 km in class 2 rapids, so everyone can do it. Once you have entered the Baker River, you can truly live the bold experience of water, its temperature, its color and its surroundings.

4. Walk on the ice in Exploradores glacier

The Exploradores glacier is easy and very accessible. It is the northernmost glacier in the southern hemisphere, and allows you a pleasant walk on its plateau in a 7-hour hike. After a wonderful road from Puerto Tranquilo to the east, where almost no one lives, you will walk through a tan and see the immense valley where the ice is located. Listening to each step of your crampons against the ice, in silence, is a reflective and profound experience, with nature and with yourself.

5. Mount gaucho horses, a true Patagonian experience

You cannot come to Chile without riding, especially if you are in Patagonia. It is an absolutely special adventure, guided by a true gaucho, reaching truly wonderful views on the top of the mountains and having close contact with your horse, which will take you in peace and tranquility to incredible places, along the beautiful path.

6. Feel the power of water flowing freely at the confluence of the Baker River and the Nef River

The confluence of the Baker River and the Neff River is another mystical place in Aysen. You can not miss it. We include this excursion as essential in our tours, since we consider this place a sanctuary of Mother Earth. Not only is there a huge area that you will see there, but you will also feel the power of water a meter away. The entire arrival and stay there is an experience in close contact with nature.

7. Live a romance in nature exploring hidden corners in Patagonia

Nature is romantic, forests, vast roads, cliffs, lakes and rivers, waterfalls are places that offer a deep connection to our needs of nature. Aysen offers all this and more, just explore a little or contact us to share what you want to experience, with details, and we can organize romantic adventures for you.

8. Venture by jet boat to the Leones glacier

Behind the San Rafael glacier, on the inner side of the Northern Ice Fields, near Mallin Colorado, is the Leones glacier, in a smaller lagoon, only accessible by motor boat. Take a jet boat and drive upriver on an adrenaline rush until you reach the walls of the Leones glacier. It is an extreme adventure, in an extreme landscape.

9. Share a life-changing experience with your family

Ideal for families, Aysen offers a variety of soft and hard adventures for all ages, wildlife, country lunches, water activities. In addition, we stayed in a private hostel, exclusive for your family group, with excellent food, attentive staff and multiple activities for all ages. Offer your family an adventure in nature in a family environment, at the end of the world, returning to the truly essential for a week in their lives. They will change and value the family more than before this trip.

10. Contemplate the ice of the San Rafael Glacier

Get to know, on this tour, the native forests that melt in the sea, the different bays and the San Rafael glacier, where it is possible to appreciate its ice landslides. A contemplative experience of deep connection with nature.
What did you think of our list of tours and activities? We love to share them. All of them can be booked at our reception desk in Mallin Colorado Ecolodge during your stay. Some activities require a more complex operation, such as sleeping one night in another place or outdoors, so we recommend booking in advance by writing an email to, who will plan your trip according to your wishes.