La Catedral de Mármol, una maravilla geológica

Frente a Puerto Río Tranquilo, en la región de Aysén, está la Catedral de Mármol. El lago General Carrera es gigante, alimentado por los glaciares, es uno de los más grandes de América del Sur. Esculpidas en sus orillas, la Catedral conforma uno de los paisajes más hermosos y forma parte de los sitios naturales que debes visitar si recorres la Carretera Austral.
Se estima que se formaron hace unos 15.000 años, luego del último periodo glacial, donde las aguas del lago y el viento han ido erosionando las costas dejando a la vista este imponente atractivo natural.
In front of Puerto Río Tranquilo, in the Aysén region, is the Marble Cathedral. The General Carrera lake is gigantic, fed by glaciers, it is one of the largest in South America. Sculpted on its banks, the Cathedral forms one of the most beautiful landscapes and is part of the natural sites that you must visit if you travel the Carretera Austral.

It is estimated that they were formed about 15,000 years ago, after the last glacial period, where the lake and wind waters have eroded the coasts, exposing this impressive natural attraction.

Since 1994 they are protected by law, being declared a Nature Sanctuary, a recognition that protects sites with historical, natural and scientific interest.

This imposing landscape is one of the most beautiful in southern Chile, and is one of the favorite destinations of explorers who love nature and photography.

Nature, the best artist

Ornate and textured walls, sculpted ceilings, uniquely combined colors make this geological formation one of the most beautiful natural landscapes.

The glacial sediment transforms the color of the water, a deep turquoise catches you and makes you fall in love. The gray and white walls acquire, at times, a blue hue due to the reflection of the water, and the contours of the stones evoke unique compositions. Shades of pink, green and brown are part of the color palette generated in the rocks.

On the shores of General Carrera Lake, these incredible and extraordinary natural formations can be visited on excursions. The boats work as a means of transport, the travel time varies depending on the weather and waves.
The natural spectacle that the caves offer does not fail to impress. The experience is changing depending on the light, the wind, the guide and your mood, the company chosen for this great adventure.

The echo inside the caves is caused by the sound of the waves when they gently hit the walls, the drops of water that fall from the ceilings are transformed into magnificent melodies that are part of the landscape.
A orillas del Lago General Carrera, estas increíbles y extraordinarias formaciones naturales se pueden visitar en excursiones. Las lanchas funcionan como medio de transporte, el tiempo de viaje varía dependiendo del clima y las olas.

El espectáculo natural que brindan las cavernas no dejan de impresionar. La experiencia es cambiante dependiendo de la luz, del viento, del guía y su ánimo, de la compañía elegida para esta gran aventura.
El eco dentro de las cavernas es provocado por el sonido de las olas cuando golpean suavemente las paredes, las gotas de agua que caen de los techos se transforman en magníficas melodías que forman parte del paisaje. 

When to go to the Marble Chapels?

If you want to visit the cathedral, we recommend that you do it between December and March when the weather conditions are more favorable for navigation and transportation, and you have more possibilities to see the lake in its most intense tone: an unrivaled blue granted by the sun Of summer.

According to how you diagram your rest, another option is to visit them during the spring: from September to November; or in the fall: from April to May, since during those months it is possible to enter the caves because the water level of the lake decreases revealing parts of the cave that are below the surface.

Words may fall short to describe such beauty and vastness of this totally natural landscape. The variety of shapes on the rocks allows us to constantly play with our imaginative capacity, it is a pending to discover shapes and figures on your visit to the Marble Caverns.
If you travel to Chilean Patagonia, the Marble Caverns is one of the destinations you must visit and visit.