Pet Policy at Mallin Colorado Ecolodge

We know that pets are part of the family and their presence does not have to be incompatible with the enjoyment of a vacation. In Mallin Colorado Ecolodge your pet is welcome, however for the good coexistence with the people that do not have pets, we have this policy:

We accept a pet of up to 10 kgs always with reservation and availability check. A pet's stay costs $ 10 per day.

We ask the owners of the pets that respect the coexistence with the rest of the guests, following these rules:

Pets can not be in the Mallin Colorado club house. Pets must sleep in their own bed, brought by their owner. The Pet can not sleep on a bed in the lodge.

You should never leave the hotel, living your pet alone in the room, however if you do, you should give notice at the reception and leave it inside the transport box.

Do not let the animal climb the beds, sofas, armchairs, etc.

Do not use the hotel towels to dry the pet's legs. Bring your own implements for your pet.

The owners are responsible for collecting the waste from their animal.

Your pet must have the appropriate medical certificates confirming the updated vaccines. And you should have insurance.

The owner is responsible for damage and destruction caused beyond the cleaning of the room. Additional charges may apply in case the pet causes disorder, furniture damage or hygiene problems.

A well-behaved dog is a good traveling companion, but although you trusts your pet fully, keep in mind that he/she is in a different environment and the animal may react unpredictably.

Do not forget to bring
Blanket / towel or bed of the animal to sleep in the room. Their smell will reassure them.
Food and water and their containers.
You do not always find the food you like when you travel.
Bags of waste collection.
Documentation of the animal.
Collar and strap.
If your pet has a habit of climbing the sofa, bed, etc. bring a sheet to protect the furniture from hairs and dirt.