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More than 20 years ago the Christensen Arteaga family, on their trip along the Carretera Austral, decided to acquire a property in the most beautiful place of the entire trip, on the shores of Lake General Carrera and very close to the Northern Ice Fields. At first we offered accommodation in cabins built by Eduardo, one of the children and homemade food made by the owner of the house, María Soledad Arteaga. Over time we expanded our offer, we created all-inclusive programs, we involved local boat services, fishing guides, horseback riders, hiking guides and all the adventure tourism offer in Aysen.

Today we follow the seven brothers very involved and there are always some of the family receiving visitors in Mallin Colorado. As we are fed up and all professionals, each one has a different area in the development of the lodge. Whether sustainability, finance, sales and marketing, gardens, artistic display, human resources, etc. All together we make Mallin Colorado a family business, modern, sustainable that enhances the beauty of nature and its resources.

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This weekend we celebrated the birthday of Tata Eduard, who is the founder and owner of Mallin Colorado Ecolodge 23 years ago. For the first time we were all children and grandchildren enjoying our own lodge in Patagonia. It was an experience that we prepared with a lot of time and desire, time passed and the illusion grew and grew, until Thursday morning arrived and we all met at the Santiago airport to fly to Balmaceda. There were 26 people who got on the bus in Balmaceda and traveled five hours to reach Mallin Colorado, where María Paz, the new administrator of Mallin Colorado, was waiting for us.
We spent some beautiful days, with very good weather, as always in that part of Patagonia, we enjoyed the horses, the fireplace, the terrace and the walks on the wonderful trails of Mallin Colorado, with native forest everywhere and always with the eternal snows of the Cordon Contreras on Lake Bertrand.
We celebrated with a good roast of lamb and goat under the same coigues that received us 23 years ago with Falucho Beroíza, when we first arrived in the area and decided to buy the field. It was a memorable moment, great memories, great tasks to perform and many dreams to fulfill. With a big cake with Chilean manjar end fresh walnuts, we sang Happy Birthday  and listen to a couple of short speeches of all generations. A multigenerational trip, where the tatas enjoyed each of their grandchildren, the parents could rest from the children who play and entertain themselves with their cousins, where there are no teenagers to go find any party. An adorable weekend, quiet, healthy, outdoors and under the most open sky in the world. Unmissable panorama for celebrations, anniversaries, any family celebration that you may want to celebrate, in a private and exclusive environment, Mallin Colorado and its 15 rooms in  Casa Lenga and the cabins, is the ideal place to celebrate as a family.

If you want us to organize the Tata tour for your family, contact us .