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Much more than a hotel

Mallin Colorado is a 450 hectare field, located between General Carrera Lake and Bertrand Lake. Its facilities face Lake Carrera in the middle of a park cared for by native trees, but the backyard is confirmed by a tall, forested mountain with extraordinary views of the Cordónn Contreras and Lake Bertrand, offering splendid hiking and horseback riding trails for those who reach this place.

There are various trails that start from the same club house. For those who like hiking, the Mallin Colorado trail climbs from 300 to 670 meters and crosses native forests of coigue, lenga and ñire bushes, with a huge variety of different plants and flowers along the way. Perhaps what most impresses are its views that halfway through begin to focus on the majestic Contreras range with several snowdrifts and peaks, to finally arrive at an extraordinary viewpoint at Lake Bertrand and Lake Lead. This trail lasts about four hours round trip and can be done in the morning, returning to a delicious lunch at the club house.
There is another Mirador trail, which is shorter and crosses a forest of large coigues immediately above the cabins, from where incredible views of General Carrera Lake are appreciated. He starts at the club house and ends at the barbecue, taking about 30 minutes of walking.
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