Privacy, good food and rest

The essence of privacy is to be in a place where you can access an impressive view, wide and bright, but no one can see you. For now, in that place there should also be a warm and beautiful environment, where you can rest, read, talk.

Mallín Colorado Ecolodge achieve that, a cozy atmosphere, warm, with wide views and where it seems that there is no one else. The log walls, the windows to the floor, the wood stove creates a unique atmosphere to live with family or friends an experience of silence and unique privacy.

The club house is the alternative of coexistence with the other guests of the lodge, where everyone arrives to have breakfast, dinner or simply to connect for an instant to the internet. There you will receive the tourist who comes tired of a long trip along the Carretera Austral and will be accommodated and explains where we are, what they can do during their stay. That's where we welcome you and welcome you

The club house is the main house of Mallín Colorado, has a simple space, but very well conditioned around a large stone fireplace. Surrounded by small windows, through which you can see the park of raulíes and the calypso General Carrera lake among its thin trunks. Two large and elegant tables of fine wood and several small tables are the perfect place for Mallín Colorado guests to enjoy gourmet food prepared in the kitchen.

The kitchen is separate chapter. Designed by its owner, made entirely of lenga wood and with a large wood-burning stove in the center, it is the place where bread is kneaded in old and firm machines, where it is beaten, chopped, stirred, savored and It serves a well-kept selection of dishes and desserts for tourists. Without any doubt the kitchen is the soul of the place.

On the outside of the club house there is a small wild garden, lupines and other flowers that burn in colors in spring and summer, the clubhouse is dyed blue and purple, fuchsia and pink at that time. We have prepared both dinners with set and very elegant table, as well as buffet lunches on the terrace on those warm sunny days, also several wine tasting events and coffe breaks in our corporate travels.  A breakfast or lunch on the terrace of the club house of Mallin Colorado is a unique event, that feeling of pure air, diaphanous blue and surrounded by a majestic landscape in total privacy, is one  of those  unforgettable luxuries.

The club house is the place where the meeting takes place between those who enjoy Mallín Colorado and those who live there, attending to tourists.  We invite you to make your reservations and come to have an experience of Patagonia in this place that the owners share so much with their visitors.

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