The Marble Caverns of General Carrera Lake

I reproduce a text that expresses marvelously the excursion to the marble caverns that we made from Mallín Colorado next to the General Carrera lake. Written by my friend Lito Tejada-Flores for his wife Linde Waidhofer's photography book, "La Patagonia Desconocida"

"The blue light that occurs in the waters of Lake Carrera never disappoints, but is at its best within the marble caverns sculpted by the action of the waves for millennia at the base of large cliffs and rocks on the west coast The rocks here are made of real marble, the local inhabitants call marble cathedral and marble chapel the most prominent of these unlikely rock formations, and there are multiple caverns on the coastal cliffs that have no name. "

"From north to south runs an unusual vein of marble, appears on the west coast of this giant lake.The rock is a swirling mixture of shades of white and gray.The marble appears in the old mining town of Puerto Sanchez, almost abandoned, on the north coast, it forms small cliffs that surround the great island Panicini, then reappears as a large peninsula near Puerto Tranquilo and finally forms small caverns on the south coast of the lake, near Puerto Guadal Why marble? here and not in other parts of the lake We have asked these questions to all our geological friends to questions that have remained unanswered so far.
In Bahía Mansa, a few kilometers south of Puerto Tranquilo, an abrupt path drops to a small hidden port. A border post between reality and fantasy. Ten minutes later the small boat enters a private universe, a private world of sculpted marble and a disturbing blue light. "

"The gaze does not stop, there is no pause in the surface of the lake, it submerges into the water just like the marble cliffs, sinking into the blue clarity, five meters, ten meters and more, each crack is seen, each detail of the rock under crystal clear water, an impossible lake filled with impossibly blue water, without the photographs as evidence, you might think it was just a dream, it was not, but it is. (Text of the book La Patagonia Desconocida, by Linde Waidhofer, 2012)

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