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A must-see autumn on the Carretera Austral

Not only the early mornings and the sunsets are unique and unrepeatable in Patagonia. Every corner of our virgin, lonely, immense land shows a reason to click and save the moment forever. Mallin Colorado offers an infinity of landscapes and corners to enjoy intensely and almost without pause a stay with "open eyes" and the sensitive soul. Photographing the vast landscape or the detail that comes our way with each step we take, is the main purpose of this program. No doubt you can also enjoy good food and a pleasant family atmosphere.
7 days / 6 nights

Day 1 Balmaceda - General Carrera Lake
After arriving at the airport, we will begin our journey along the Carretera Austral to the south, the unpaved extension of Route 7. We will cross rivers, lakes and valleys surrounded by mountains and virgin forest. Our destination is General Carrera Lake, one of the world's largest reserves of fresh water. It will be a long trip because we can stop several times along the way to take pictures. We will arrive at sunset at the lodge where a delicious welcome dinner awaits us. Accommodation in Mallín Colorado Ecolodge.

Day 2 Hike through Mallin Colorado
After breakfast we will trek or ride through the Mallín Colorado forest, between lengas, coigues and ñirres, with extraordinary views over Lake General Carrera. We will have the possibility of photographing the deep, dark forest of coigue very close to the lodge. Little by little we will go up in height to reach clear heights where we will appreciate in the distance the calypso of Lake General Carrera and vast mountainous landscapes. We will continue until we get to see closely the ventiqueros  Contreras mountain range, eternal snows that pose to be photographed and appreciated from very close. We will continue our tour stopping whenever it is necessary to take pictures of the infinities of wild plants, herbs, flowers and countless trees of all ages. Today we will have lunch in the forest, a box lunch and we will return before sunset to the lodge. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 3 Baker River
After breakfast, we will head south to visit the Baker River and the confluence with the Nef River, stopping at the town of Puerto Bertrand. We will remain at the confluence of the Baker and Nef rivers for lunch and during the afternoon, appreciating the three different colors of water that are conjugated in this place. Dinner and overnight at Mallin Colorado Ecolodge.

Day 4 Marble Cathedrals and Explorers Bay
Very early in the morning we will leave towards the north to make a visit to the marble cathedrals. Before reaching Puerto Tranquilo, we will board a boat to reach the "Marble Cathedrals", a peninsula of marble caverns with impressive rock formations, due to the erosion caused by the millennial thumping of the water. We will enter the caverns in the boat to appreciate the spectacular combination of colors of the water with the white of the rock. Then we will go through a newly built road to Bahía Exploradores, which changes rapidly from landscape to a more humid forest, climate that surrounds the Northern Ice Fields. At the foot of the glacier we can make a short hike and climb to see the impressive Exploradores glacier, which falls off Mount San Valentín from the Northern Ice Fields. We will have lunch on the way and return to the lodge in the afternoon. Accommodation at Mallín Colorado Ecolodge.

Day 5 Beach and Puerto Guadal
After breakfast, short walk to Mallin Colorado beach to take pictures from the shore of the lake. We returned to the lodge for lunch and took a short break. Before sunset we will visit the nearby town of Puerto Guadal and from a specially selected point, we will see an extraordinary sunset (weather permitting). Return to the lodge, dinner and accommodation in Mallín Colorado.

Day 6 Patagonia park full day hikes, wildlife
We will leave at dawn by truck, 70 kms. along the Carretera Austral to the south. We will visit Cochrane, town of 3,000 hbts. and then the nearby Tamango National Reserve, the only place where you can see the huemul, in conservation in this place. We will begin the day with a slow walk of about two hours skirting from the height the beautiful Cochrane river. On the way we will observe some huemul, silent and still animal that is in conservation in this place. After lunch, we will return to the precise hour by the Patagonia National Park, in the middle of a landscape that resembles the Patagonian pampa Argentina. You can see guanacos, condors, flamingoes and various birds. Back at the lodge we will be fired with a roast lamb on the stick. Accommodation at Mallín Colorado Ecolodge.

Day 7 Transfer to Balmaceda
Very early in the morning, we will start our way back to Balmaceda airport, passing through the same places we arrived, but in the morning, with another light, once again opportunities to photograph the unspoilt nature of Chilean Patagonia. We will arrive at the time to take the connection flight.

It includes:
• IN and OUT Transfers from Balmaceda Airport to Mallin Colorado
• Expert guide in English / German
• Full board. Includes lamb roast
• Accommodation in Mallín Colorado Ecolodge
• Visit to the marble cathedral, to the confluence of the Baker River with the Neff, and walks through the Mallín Colorado forest, Exploradores Bay, Tamango and Patagonia Parks, to Puerto Guadal and Mallin Colorado beach.

Does not include:
Flights Santiago / Balmaceda / Santiago
Drinks or alcoholic beverages
Photographic equipment

Departure dates:
April 16, 2019
April 23, 2019
April 30, 2019

US$ 2.470.- per pax in Casa Lenga double room
US$ 3.220.- per pax in Coigue suite cabin
US$ 1.999.- per pax in groups of min 4 people (sleeping in the family cabins)

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