Mallin Colorado Ecolodge

Cozy secluded ecolodge in remote scenic Carretera Austral,  Chilean Patagonia

Fusion of rustic, comfortable and extremely warm

Mallin Colorado Ecolodge is a private lodge on General Carrera Lake, an area surrounded by National Parks of Chile. We are a family business with a long history in the area, sustainable and connected with the local community, providing a personal service with great affection for what we do. Base of explorations in the area, we organize your stay with excursions and transfers if you need them. We serve high-level passengers from all over the world. Privileged place for the family, in an environment of great beauty, to enjoy silence and unspoiled nature, we do not have internet, ideal for digital detox.

Concrete actions that keep us sustainable

1.- We plant trees, each tree is a great friend of ours.
2.- We reuse native wood covers to build
3.- We seek silence
4.- We have an open and clean view
5.- We grow our own  greenhouse 
6.- We respect  the local culture and have a close relationship with the community
7.- We separate garbage at all levels
8.- We  wash linen at check out
9.- The family union is the most sustainable part of the business

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